OCASH Pre-ITO Special Offer

OCASH_600_350   All participants in OCASH Initial Token Offering (ITO) who participate with a minimum sponsorship of 3 000 USD (bitUSD) or the equivalent in real time value BTC per project receive a VIP package with their sponsorship package, including:
  • 30% discount deducted from final unit price announced at end of ITO November 2017
  • Lifetime membership (LTM)
  • OCASH debit card free for one year
  • Airbitz password protector access to OpenLedger
  • Annual Travel insurance, with loyalty points and cashback program included
  • OBITS, ICOO, BTS and bitCNY are accepted currencies, as well as BTC and bitUSD, at the real time conversion rate of the day the funds have been received. We reserve the right to fix price in case speculation has altered the price on the day.
  • a special 5% additional discount is offered to all ITO participants when made in bitUSD
Offer ends: October 14th 2017 OCASH ITO starts: October 15th 2017 What is Airbitz? Use the Airbitz wallet to login to decentralized blockchain apps with the scan of a barcode. Private keys are instantly created, encrypted, and backed up. No words to write down, no files to save, no data to encrypt. It all happens automatically, magically. What is OCASH? The Official Payment Card of OpenLedger, OCASH is an All-in-one-Payments card and suite of banking solutions, supported by OpenLedger’s fintech trading platform with crypto and FIAT gateways.
  • Stage 1 - Direct withdrawal of bitUSD and OPEN.USD to payment card within minutes.
  • Stage 2 - Instant withdrawal to cash or POS payments from bitUSD or OPEN.USD with 24/7 market support for instant conversion and trading of bitUSD on the markets OCASH, OPEN.BTC, OPEN.ETH, OPEN.DASH, BTS, EDEV, JOYY, ICOO, BTSR, APPX.WARRANT and OBITS and any other major crypto gateways supported by OpenLedger.
What is a Life Time Membership? With an LTM you receive an 80% cashback on the network fees of BitShares What is HOTLINE support? You are offered online support with immediate assistance 24/7. Trade. Invest. Grow. Trade. Invest. Grow. The OpenLedger DC enables organizations within the ecosystem to flourish without the platform imposing any controls on the organizations that join. Blockchain Technology, another unifier of the OpenLedger DC, allows all transactions (mainly financial, but can also be nonfinancial, such as the signing of contracts) to be recorded in a shared digital ledger, which is a continually updated list of all transactions. It is very safe and secure.  t1 Trade Introducing the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange, or DEX. Designed for high-speed transactions, OpenLedger DEX allows users to trade assets in real time, securely, and with ultra-low fees.
  • SPEED - We let you send it anywhere in the world within seconds.
  • SECURITY - You are always in control and your identity can never be stolen.
  • ACCEPTANCE - You can spend your money instantly; soon with OCASH anywhere major debit cards are accepted. We handle the conversions for you.
  • TRUST - Your money goes directly from you to its destination
  • PRIVACY - Only those you authorize can see your accounts. We make our ledgers public for transparency, but you can keep yours private.
  • MULTI-SIGNATURE ACCOUNTS - Share control of accounts with friends, family, and business associates with complete accountability and flexibility never available in legacy banking.
  • STREAMLINED COMPLIANCE –Compliance of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML laws (Anti Money Laundering), same as with any deposit and withdrawals of FIAT currency.
Invest and Grow OpenLedger Crowdfunding Solutions give start-ups everything they need for a successful Token Crowdsale, including ITO pre-launch preparations, marketing, and public relations support. Businesses can create their own token to fund their idea, and for investors to potentially gain from these tokens. Furthermore, we are offering investors an exit option, something not used in any previous crowdfunding structures.t2 OCASH the card for the unbanked and banked alike OCASH will offer millions of users ‘ease of use’ when holding bitUSD on their account. The OCASH payment card is the solution for instant usage anywhere international credit cards are accepted. OCASH, for easy access to FIAT and POS worldwide, instantly OCASH is the connecting entity between all ecosystems on OpenLedger, allowing easy access to FIAT via ATM withdrawals or POS via payment of bills and purchases, whether online or physical. Potentially, all OpenLedger crypto gateways including but not limited to, BTC, ETH, DASH, EOS, NEM, NEO, and WAVES, as well as the native assets such as OCASH, BTS and OBITS are offered a bitUSD market from where they can convert their preferred crypto to bitUSD, for instant conversion to FIAT using the OCASH card. All you need is to hold bitUSD on your OpenLedger account and "swipe your card" to access your FIAT. ITO Structure: 100 million OCASH tokens in total
  • 2,347,000 OCASH reserved for early seed investors
  • 5  million for OBITS holders (snapshot August 19th 2017)
  • 2 million for bounties
  • 15 million for OCASH Team and partners
  • 13 million for OpenLedger ITO
  • 62,653,000 million OCASH shared amongst all token holders proportional to their participation, with discounts offered in various stages of the OCASH ITO
ITO funds allocation: Since funds have already been secured for the building of the OCASH, eDEV.one, GetGame.io and AppTrade platforms, all additional funds will be used for product development, market development and marketing:
  • 50% of all funds will be used in the OCASH market with bitUSD as a liquidity buffer
    • from final ITO price, supporting OCASH markets on select exchanges with
    • liquidity,  and all confirmed markets wishing to convert to
    • bitUSD using the OCASH card.
  • Potentially, all OpenLedger crypto gateways, OCASH, and OBITS are offered a bitUSD market from where they can convert their preferred crypto to bitUSD for instant conversion to fiat using OpenLedger supported OCASH payment card.
  • 10% will be used to support ongoing upgrades of OCASH platform functionality.
  • 40% will be used for marketing creating global awareness as number one payment card.
All activities will be handled by OpenLedger ApS, domiciled in Denmark, and its official partners. The majority of the distribution (see below) is actioned in the form of an OBITS token drop, the official virtual currency of OpenLedger and its decentralized conglomerate, on all OCASH holders – on the basis of an expected 1-3% revenue in bitUSD achieved from the use of the payment card when users send funds between the OCASH card and their OpenLedger account. There will be a yearly and/or semi-annual token drop on the base of cashback and other revenues achieved from the offers included within the card, for even more benefits. Distribution of 100% of Revenues:
  • 35% pledged to buy back OBITS for the legal and administrative support of OCASH, handled by OpenLedger ApS
  • 10% pledged to buy back OBITS for marketing
  • 5% pledged to buy back BTSR tokens to fund advertising campaigns via HubDSP.com
  • 50% pledged to buy back from OBITS on the bitUSD market and then distribute every three months (initially) to all OCASH holders - then monthly, then weekly
Users can convert their OBITS to bitUSD on the OpenLedger OBITS_USD market or keep it on their account for further growth. If converted, users can cash out with OCASH or use it to pay for purchases or bills with OCASH on POS anywhere, anytime. OBITS: The Official Token of OpenLedger - www.obits.io   OBITS are the official token of OpenLedger and its Decentralized Conglomerate, which allows token holders to share in the profits of OpenLedger through an advanced rewards program, which includes current and future ITOs and projects. ICOO TOKEN- www.icoo.io When you are investing in ICOO, you are in fact investing in all ITO's introduced on OpenLedger DC, whether they are external ITO pre-launches or ITO's on OpenLedger DC. The official form of payment used to pay for any startup services offered by OpenLedger, ICOO is a token and an investment with an exit, with the option to trade a coin from day one of an ITO. ICOO has a monthly dividend of an estimated 2% of the previous months average market cap dropped on all ICOO holders Calling All Investors   table-01-3   ***What is a Badgeholder? 20% of total voting power on future development of OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC) is offered to the sponsors of the projects, all being part of the OpenLedger DC. The final count is announced when the OpenLedger.one gateway to Crowdfunding has been enabled. TO ORDER:
  • Wish to send currency directly from your OpenLedger account?
    • Send amount directly to account ico.ocash, and your order is confirmed as proof on the blockchain.
  • Wish to have help with ordering contact support https://openledger.freshdesk.com 
    • VIP support, contact CEO of OpenLedger Ronny Boesing on email ronny@ccedk.com for questions to finalize.

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September 8th 2017