OpenLedger CVC fund

For five years, OpenLedger has been meeting innovative ideas based on blockchain every day. Some are brought to us as projects by established teams and solid companies; others are ideas delivered by our clients. And some ventures are born inside OpenLedger’s own team of professionals.
Ronny Boesing
The expertise we developed in the blockchain industry and the modern investment market allow us to identify prospects and opportunities in the field of venture investments.

Evaluating the blockchain landscape, we have already witnessed a constellation of successful blockchain-based projects that were born, grew, and flourished thanks to strategic investing.
Ronny Boesing
Chief Executive Officer, OpenLedger ApS
This is why OL established a CVC Fund to make ambitious returns from portfolio exits using the company’s expertise and proven track record in the emerging industry.

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OL fund portfolio

A series of successful blockchain projects delivered

Since 2014, OpenLedger has designed, built and implemented software products, services and projects based on the blockchain.

Our portfolio includes a range of blockchain-based products, from business ideas to successfully released projects.

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