For diverse businesses and users concerned about privacy matters and regulatory issues on blockchain, we have great news. Excited to present to you our brand-new blockchain project — VPLedger. 

VPLedger is a private blockchain network with mandatory KYC and AML compliance. Using the latest developments and solutions brought by Graphene technology, it guarantees fast operations within the scalable and secure infrastructure.

On September 16, 2019, we’ll provide all unique, verified entities — enterprises and individuals — with early access to VPLedger. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to explore the main features of VPLedger.

Reinventing Financial Operations with VPLedger

VPLedger brings to the table p2p transactions backed by blockchain technology. It builds a reliable framework, regulatory compliant. With VPLedger, now businesses, governments, financial institutions, and individuals can integrate blockchain into their daily workflows without worrying about scams, data breaches, or identity theft.

Technical Aspects

VPLedger runs on Graphene 3.0, enabling smart contracts on the BitShares network. It forms a private, permissioned ecosystem with a distinct number of approved validators and high transaction throughput of 100 thousand TPS. For the platform, we developed a new verified consensus algorithm — Veritas Persona by Governance (VPG).

Additionally, we integrated VPLedger with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which enables users to run Ethereum-powered smart contracts and dapps in a trustless network. The business logic of the VPLedger ecosystem suggests separating network security and transaction processing from a payment layer. We also introduce own assets — Vimples — that function to give users access to software services.

  • Graphene-based platform for decentralized trading;
  • Unique identity system where each account has own ID;
  • Distributed consensus where all users vote for validators;
  • Possibility to transfer voting rights to another voter;
  • Trusted escrow party that verifies that obligations are met;
  • Transactions are approved by a hierarchy of accounts;
  • Commission mechanism with rewards for validators and workers and other features.

VPLedger for your Business

We designed VPLedger predominantly for the needs of a global SME sector. Users are free to purchase a membership and get a 60% cashback on all transactions along with income from referred users. Lifetime membership is available until January 2020.

  • Digital asset trading in a secure, transparent, regulatory-compliant blockchain environment;
  • Users can trade in fiat-pegged assets and smartcoins or create own ones;
  • Smart contract-powered, user-created prediction markets,
  • Derivatives contracts protected from exchange rate fluctuations;
  • Stealth transfers ensure high confidentiality payments;
  • Scheduled payments with automated recurring billing;
  • Asset issuers can provide additional transaction approvals, KYC- and AML-compliant and other features.


VPLedger is a new stage in the development of digital financial operations. With this project, we bring legal compliance and thus improved transparency to the blockchain, making it one step closer to the business world and consequently, global adoption.

For additional information about the VPLedger project, its features, functions, and roadmap, visit the official VPLedger website.

VPLedger is a way for you to run operations backed by the cutting-edge blockchain technology without previously existing regulatory uncertainty.