ITOs / ICOs and Tokens

Ongoing Projects


AgentMile is the first decentralized Commercial Real Estate leasing platform powered by AI. The platform aims to improve the property search process, accelerate due diligence and facilitate property and cash flow management using blockchain technology.

Past Projects

Scorum (SCR)

Scorum is the first sports media platform that reward its active users. The core services include sports optimized blogging platform, advanced statistic center, commission-free betting exchange and fantasy sports platform. Scorum already gained support from top world athletes like NBA Champ Timofey Mozgov, NHL All-Star player Nikita Kucherov, UEFA League winner Alexander Hleb and others.

Sola (SOL)

Open social layer for the Information Age. Sola is the next-gen decentralized social platform governed by users, empowered by own nodes, IPFS and Ethereum blockchain.


A blockchain based, P2P ecosystem, every participant can take any role: investor, borrower, seller, guarantor, insurer, debt collector, portfolio fund manager. Karma is a platform for creating social and economic interactions between people all over the world from loans to direct exchange of goods and services.


The Decentralized Investments Platform. Investy is a platform for decentralized investments, enabling investing in cryptocurrencies, funds, portfolios and individual traders in an accessible, transparent and safe way. Platform provides a trusted management marketplace for crypto investors where they may choose a trader or fund and be sure that those work results are authentic because it is blockchain recorded statistics. Choose a trader according to open ratings and earn together.


OBITS are the virtual currency of the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC). With OBITS, token holders reap a proportional share of the benefits obtained when using OpenLedger, including current and future ITOs and projects. Buying OBITS is similar to buying into a ground-breaking technology company, as OBITS holders are getting access to a decentralized economy where OBITS are used as a reward as well as a form of passive income, and more. We initiate a buyback of funds and burning, thus reducing the overall supply and allowing a natural growth in the value of the remaining funds over time


The Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger (ICOO) token, users can access tradeable ITO/ICO tokens prior to the ICO closing or official project launch. In most current ITOs/ICOs, funds are held in escrow until the conclusion of the ICO, and coins/tokens raised are distributed either at the end of the ITO/ICO or when the platform is live. With ICOO, teams can access funds immediately and users can trade the pre-sale tokens on OpenLedger. Such tokens will be redeemable once the actual tokens become available.


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