Lack of brand recognition and low targeted traffic can be major roadblocks for your crypto business development or successful ICO funding.
HubDSP is a demand-side platform for digital advertising tailored to everything crypto. HubDSP will become your tool of choice to grow crypto traffic, boost your brand awareness, community visibility, and ultimately gain new partners and investors.
Cross-platform crypto and ICO advertising.

HubDSP offers programmatic campaigns with display and rich-media ads across multiple platforms:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Web
  • Video
Hubdsp advertise sources

Let the crypto world know about your project

HubDSP gives you access to a highly targeted audience with interest in blockchain, trading, investment and finance, as well as a list of curated publishers to bring you the exposure you need.
Targeted audience
Crypto websites
Financial websites

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Features for more efficient and cost-effective ads

  • Real-time bidding
  • Traffic buying
  • Campaign management
  • Performance tracking
  • Real-time analytics
  • Detailed reporting
  • Full bidding and buying automation
  • Targeting accuracy
  • Buying at the lowest CPM
  • Unlimited geo reach
  • Brand integrity protection
  • Complete control over your ad budget

Why advertise with HubDSP

All-in-one dashboard

You can manage your ad campaigns, placements, budget, and analytics from a single interface.

Precise targeting

Options include location, demographics, behavior, timing, and more.

Quick setup

It takes a few minutes to set up your targeted campaign and start advertising to the crypto community.

No faucets

We only advertise on hand-picked, trusted websites and mobile apps.

Extended audience

The platform features multiple ad exchanges and direct publishers for cross-channel buying.

Personal assistant

We assign an account manager to each of our clients to help them set up and manage their ad campaigns effortlessly.

Not in crypto? We’re still on it

We developed HubDSP to be a flexible platform ready to accommodate the advertising needs of any industry. With a choice of over 10,000 active target segments, we can configure your campaign in line with your business goals.

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