Disrupting the supply chain industry

From smaller wholesalers to global enterprise companies, every organization’s supply chain faces the same hazards and obstacles:

  • Scattered, delayed, incomplete, unreliable information
  • Undue costs attached to inventory management and paperwork
  • Natural disasters, unforeseen shortages, demand spikes
  • Insufficient traceability of assets
  • Fraud and theft, human error, counterfeit goods, and lack of security
  • Inability to fulfill customer expectations
  • Lack of trust between parties

Meet OLWay:
the blockchain-based enterprise solution

OpenLedger helps you access the opportunities blockchain offers to make your supply chain and logistics more efficient and cost-effective.

Meet OLWay: a tool that puts your supply chain and logistics on a single decentralized platform, letting you protect, control, and track your assets like never before.

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Scalable and adaptable solution

Whether you decide to use the produсt out of the box or tailor it to your specific requirements, OpenLedger helps you on every single implementation step along the way.

Out-of-the-box platform

OpenLedger’s team will deploy the solution on your server or cloud infrastructure, and you’ll have the ready-made platform up and running in a short period of time.

Use OLWay to instantly integrate blockchain-based processes into your logistics and supply chain workflow.

Integration with your business

OpenLedger will adjust and refine the solution to integrate OLWay into your business.

We’ll connect the platform to your current IT ecosystem and add new features, integrations, or other changes according to your requirements.

How OLWay works

The solution was developed on Hyperledger Fabric, a platform initially created to address business challenges with the help of blockchain.

However, OpenLedger’s team is ready to custom-build this product on other public or private blockchains, such as Ethereum, EOSIO, and BitShares (Graphene), depending on your company’s goals and environment.

Based on our experience in disrupting logistics and supply chain with blockchain, we designed and built a tool that takes care of the challenges in the enterprise sector.

Businesses can search the ecosystem to find the supply chain partners and participants registered there and add them to the list.

They can also manually add clients or intive them to sign up in the system by filling in a designated form.

Businesses can register their logistics products in the system and then transparently track data on every recorded asset.

The blockchain stores all the product information and protects it from being unintentionally or accidentally changed.

The solution is integrated with IoT platforms. It allows shipment tracking using data from motion sensors, GPS trackers, temperature sensors, vehicle sensors, and connected devices.

The data is stored on the blockchain, enabling real-time information access for smooth transshipment and cross-border transactions.

Ecosystem participants can create transportation orders. The parties agree on the transportation costs, product price, and other contract points.

The blockchain records all these arrangements, including penalties, on a smart contract.

All the transshipment steps and transactions are put into the blockchain and are shown on the Dapp.

This makes transactions completely transparent, which increases trust among network participants.

The status dashboards allow users to control all the involved orders, shipments, average figures, date/figure graphs, and more.

You can customize your dashboard by adding new widgets, too. Al modules are used to analyze and predict the figures based on previous data.

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Drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you with details within one business day.

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We make blockchain adoption straightforward

OLWay was built to meet the everyday needs of businesses, employing decentralization to achieve better financial results for your company through increased accuracy and efficiency.

Smart contracts

On a blockchain-based platform, parties’ agreements are automatically recorded, controlled, and administered via smart contracts.
As a result, users get increased mutual confidence and faster agreements fulfillment compared to traditional contracts.

IoT for total control

OLWay lets you add IoT devices and use them to control and track asset parameters throughout the shipment process. Be sure that your goods are delivered in the right condition!

Simple workflow

Each of your employees or clients will be able to use the platform without complicated training on blockchain technology. The platform was created to let all parties jump into the process as quickly as possible.

User-friendly interface

OLWay is not just the blockchain engine under the hood. We created an intuitive web interface to be used by all parties for routine operations.

Fast blockchain adoption

The tool lets you employ blockchain opportunities without years of custom project implementation. OpenLedger has already researched and developed the base for the new technology adoption.

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