Tired of challenges in your warehousing facility?

Whatever industry you operate in, when it comes to warehousing, you have to deal with the same problems as every other business.

  • Opaque and inconsistent tracking of assets resulting in errors and even working accidents
  • Exorbitant operational costs caused by massive paperwork and inventory management
  • Irrational usage of warehousing and working space for lack of analytical data
  • Lack of data security and human errors brings to the table data loss and counterfeit goods

RTLS: a one-stop tool for warehousing

The RTLS module helps you evaluate the working efficiency of assets in real-time. Through wearable tags connected to employees, transport, and equipment, each having its own identifier, you can track their movement in operational and prohibited areas.

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How RTLS module works

We built RTLS on Hyperledger Fabric, which guarantees stable performance and high speed of transactions.
The modular architecture of Hyperledger let us create a blockchain network with custom rules and consensus algorithms. Access control lists allowed setting separate permissions for node groups and specific on-chain operations

With anchors and tags connected to employees and operational assets, you get a real-time picture of how those operate in your facility’s areas.

All data collected from the connected devices is recorded in a tamper-proof blockchain database.

Compare the efficiency of your assets by time spans, like hours, days, or months, with the dashboards breaking down data into sections.

You can further adjust reporting to your analytical goals by specifying custom time periods.

RTLS is built on Hyperledger Fabric, which ensures parallel transaction processing. As a result, you run operations in a fast-paced, scalable blockchain environment.

Thanks to blockchain’s transparency, all transactions are visible in real-time.

Get a bespoke solution already adjusted to your business

No tedious installation or complex integration with your current infrastructure — RTLS is designed in a way that suggests quick setup and launch.

Server or cloud

Choose the environment that better suits your business goals! You can install the software on the internal server of your enterprise or run it in a cloud.


RTLS is compliant with enterprise CRM and ERP systems (such as SAP and 1C) and tracking tools (such as CCTV and RFID).

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