Harness the power of L3COS

L3COS is an unparalleled blockchain technology that streamlines governing operations while demonstrating compliance.

Unlike other market solutions, L3COS has three levels of blockchain consensus.


(Proof of Government)


(Delegated Proof of Stake)


(Proof of Storage)

L3COS forms an ecosystem where all parties can operate in a secure, decentralized, and complaint environment with a range of benefits:

No central authority

Cryptographic protection

Transparency & speed

Real-time supervision

Legal action implementation

Compliance-first data audit

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Need L3COS blockchain for your industry?

With strong tech expertise delivering L3COS blockchain solutions, OpenLedger is ready to make your enterprise a part of the innovative L3COS ecosystem.


  • End-to-end monitoring of supply chains
  • Full transportation transparency
  • Direct data sharing between IoT devices


  • Direct claim pay-outs from insurers
  • Digitized and safe recordkeeping
  • Lowered administration costs


  • Immutable register of transactions
  • Lowered risks of human error
  • Rapid and secure fund transfers


  • Easy coordination of documents
  • Fast document validation at checkpoints
  • Automated trade management


  • Streamlined verification of drugs
  • Simplified clinical trial administration
  • Automated IP protection


  • Peer-to-peer energy trades
  • Better provenance tracking
  • Frictionless data transfers


  • Reduced roaming fraud
  • Instant SLA settlements
  • Better identity management


  • Renewable energy certificates’ trading
  • Distribution through microgrids
  • Balanced supply and demand

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