Unleash the rich Tron capabilities for your business

Tron is a top-grade blockchain technology for operating decentralized applications running at the speed of the web.

2,000 TPS

Tron processes 2,000 transactions per second, which is faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Compatible with EVM

Tron works with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing running Ethereum smart contracts on Tron.

The safest PoS algorithm

Tron apps use the Transaction as Proof of Stake algorithm to verify transactions, ensuring the complete safety of operations.

Multi-language support

Tron supports Google’s language-neutral protocol buffers, which makes Tron smart contract development flawless.

Trust OpenLedger with your Tron dapp

For you, Openledger is ready to create and fine-tune a Tron application of any type. Choose one that meets your goal best!
Tron dapp

Tron dapp development

Logistics, IoT, or maybe healthcare? Whatever industry you operate in, we will launch a Tron dapp for you.

Tron smart contract development

Ramp up your business with task automation! Self-triggered Tron smart contracts will do all the job for you.

Tron wallets

Perform seamless deals on Tron with custom Tron wallets developed by OpenLedger.

Tron DEX

Peerless, speedy, and secure trades become real now with Tron-based decentralized exchanges.

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Create a Tron application for your business

Our Tron dapp development company develops universal Tron solutions for businesses operating in versatile areas. Check these out below and start building your Tron dapp now!


DLT-based NFT marketplaces that store works as digital assets, with the copyright of each asset protected via blockchain’s cryptography.


NFT platforms can be used for storing collectibles (coins, sports cards, stamps, etc.) in a distributed ledger.


Tron blockchain ensures the fast and seamless transfer of NFT tokens across dispersed games.


The immutable blockchain prevents counterfeits among sports tickets and merchandise to save your revenues.

Identity protection

Thanks to blockchain’s cryptography, your data and legal records are kept safe, and every data piece is encrypted.

Virtual assets

Tron allows buying and selling non-fungible tokens, with virtual deals conducted by autonomous smart contracts.

Why work with us

Extensive expertise

You’ll get access to the expertise both of our own blockchain products and of successfully implemented custom solutions

Extensive expertise

Cutting-edge solutions

The OpenLedger team is pioneering the frontiers of blockchain tech and employing it to drive your company’s success.

Cutting-edge solutions

Highly-skilled dev team

All our tech solutions are built by the in-house cross-functional team. The strongest blockchain specialists on the market will be working on your project

Highly-skilled dev team

Profound R&D

OpenLedger’s outstanding R&D department deeply researches unique ways of improving your products and services, so we can implement them together.

Profound R&D

Streamline and legislate your operation with Tron