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OpenLedger research and development department

To make blockchain implementation as effective as possible for your business, OpenLedger offers the services of our own R&D department.

Our team includes eight in-house specialists who participate in every project, identifying challenges and business problems and offering the most efficient solutions for your current business case.
Dots OpenLedger research and development department OpenLedger research and development department
Business requirements analysis
  • OpenLedger specialists discover, analyze, define, and document the project requirements.
Market fit and competitor analysis
  • Our team assesses the project to identify how well it will satisfy the external or internal demand. We’ll conduct comparative analysis to point out the advantages and disadvantages of the project against the existing competitors.
Use case preparation
  • The R&D department defines the use cases of the projects, industries, or competitors: creates personas and identifies their goals, defines conditions, describes activities and interactions, and transfers everything to the project requirements.
Tech overview of the blockchain implementation
  • Our blockchain specialists assess and review the project requirements, defining technologies, blockchain platforms, frameworks, and tools needed for implementing the current solution.
Pilot projects / PoC
  • We conduct pilot projects and proofs of concept to identify, evaluate, and demonstrate efforts, costs, and results of blockchain solutions before running a full-scale project.

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Blockchain workshops

Blockchain workshops
Together with OpenLedger blockchain professionals, R&D specialists run on-site and remote educational workshops on blockchain technology and your project.

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Blockchain consulting

At OpenLedger, we provide technical and business-related assistance on any aspects of blockchain implementation.

Regardless of the project stage you need help with, we’re ready to share our expertise and improve your business operations.

  • Technical consulting and advice
  • Blockchain startups consulting
  • Enterprise-level blockchain projects assistance
  • Smart contracts audit
  • Blockchain security advice
  • Legal support of blockchain-based solutions
  • End-to-end consulting services

Our expertise in blockchain development

We help partners select the most appropriate blockchain technology from a range of industry leaders, including Hyperledger, BitShares, EOSIO, and Ethereum.

Public and private blockchains

Dapps development

Decentralized exchanges

Find how to implement blockchain to your use case