IoT gathers massive amounts of data to inform new business decisions.

Blockchain automates security and auditability, delivering verifiable, secure and permanent data storage. Together, they make data usable, accessible and safe.

By 2019, 20% of all IoT devices will be built on blockchain technology. Source

The number of IoT devices worldwide will change from about 27B in 2017 to 125B in 2030. Source

How we bring
blockchain to IoT

Businesses face numerous challenges in IoT adoption due to gaps in security and integrity of data flows. With our blockchain IoT solutions, OpenLedger can eliminate these issues to drive fault-proof integration of connected devices into your business.
  • Immutable
  • |
  • Encrypted
  • |
  • Tamperproof
  • |
  • Scalable

Object identity authentication & provenance

Data transparency and end-to-end process tracking is achieved with robust blockchain verification mechanisms and traceable digital identity management.

Transaction automation & verification

Smart contracts automatically process every business transaction, including machine-to-machine interactions, allowing remote asset management and instant data verification.

Data exchange

IoT-driven data streams are shared in real time across the network within the decentralized blockchain. Each record becomes immutable and visible to all the network members.

IoT data analytics

Blockchain unlocks an opportunity for detailed predictive analysis of data gathered from connected services and devices, recording metadata and creating an immutable history of decisions made in the IoT ecosystem.

Network security

Blockchain reduces attack surface to a minimum and eliminates centralized data lakes. The distributed ledger tackles current IoT security threats with hash-based security, customized consensus protocols, and safe software updates.

Stress-free scalability

Blockchain removes the limitations of centralized, cloud-based IoT platforms, allowing the number of connected devices and transactions to expand without obstructing infrastructure and data management.

Blockchain solution for logistics, supply chain, and IoT

OLWay is a logistics and supply chain ecosystem integrated with IoT platforms to make shipping more transparent.

It allows tracking shipments using data from sensors, GPS trackers, and connected devices. The data is stored on the blockchain, enabling real-time information sharing for smooth transshipment and cross-border transactions.

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Blockchain- supported IoT Business Network

IoT gathers massive amounts of data to inform new business decisions. Blockchain automates security and auditability, delivering verifiable, secure and permanent data storage. Together, they make data usable, accessible and safe.

Our Technology Stack: Blockchain in IoT

IoT Platforms

Blockchain Platforms

hyperledger hyperledger
Hyperledger BURROW
Hyperledger BURROW

Permissionable smart contract machine (EVM)

Hyperledger FABRIC
Hyperledger FABRIC

Permissionable with channel support

Hyperledger INDY
Hyperledger INDY

Decentralized identity

Hyperledger IROHA
Hyperledger IROHA

Mobile application focus

Hyperledger SAWTOOTH
Hyperledger SAWTOOTH

Permissioned & permissionless support; EVM transaction family

Planning a blockchain integration?

Learn how Hyperledger blockchain technology can help your business.

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bitshares bitshares
Planning a blockchain integration?

Learn how BitShares/Graphene blockchain technology can help your business.

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genEOS genEOS
Planning a blockchain integration?

Learn how genEOS blockchain platform can help your business.

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We remove adoption barriers

OpenLedger’s in-house team of consultants, architects, developers, and QA professionals will help your business overcome bottlenecks and obstacles with blockchain-powered IoT.

To bring you the ultimate value from adopting these technologies, we use advanced R&D processes combined with Agile development methodologies.

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Blockchain and IoT across industries

OpenLedger delivers innovative solutions combining IoT with encrypted, immutable, auditable blockchains. This combination brings a range of unique benefits:


  • Enable real-time tracking of chronic conditions
  • Ensure security of private patient data recorded by connected medical devices
  • Connect equipment and staff monitoring into one scalable system
  • Personalize health insurance based on continuous patient health status monitoring

Supply chain

  • Gain end-to-end visibility from production to distribution
  • Enable real-time information sharing for smooth transhipment and cross-border transactions
  • Ensure reliability and traceability of the supply chain network
  • Improve inventory management


  • Achieve shipment progress transparency with data from motion sensors, GPS, temperature sensors, vehicle sensors, and connected devices
  • Eliminate delivery delays
  • Automate administrative, reporting and documentation workflows
  • Improve shipment cost and risk management


  • Ensure pay-per-use models protection
  • Secure wireless payments and credit card data
  • Safeguard existing and emerging biometric IDs
  • Customize loyalty programs according to the client’s transaction and behavior patterns


  • Avoid fraudulent car parts trade with blockchain authentication
  • Optimize vehicle maintenance and repair logging with embedded sensors
  • Streamline document and payment processing between manufacturers, importers, distributors, dealers, and other parties

Real estate

  • Accelerate custom insurance handling with continuous property condition tracking
  • Enhance property search with detailed information on ownership history, property age, and deterioration evaluation
  • Improve property title management and reducing fraud risks with embedded GPS trackers, survey markers, and immutable timestamped land recordsg

Why Work With Us

Extensive expertise

You’ll get access to the expertise both of our own blockchain products and of successfully implemented custom solutions

Extensive expertise

Cutting-edge solutions

The OpenLedger team is pioneering the frontiers of blockchain tech and employing it to drive your company’s success.

Cutting-edge solutions

Highly-skilled dev team

All our tech solutions are built by the in-house cross-functional team. The strongest blockchain specialists on the market will be working on your project

Highly-skilled dev team

Profound R&D

OpenLedger’s outstanding R&D department deeply researches unique ways of improving your products and services, so we can implement them together.

Profound R&D

We’d love to show how blockchain IoT solutions can help your business.

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