Challenges of modern logistics

As digital technology revolutionizes industry through advances like IoT, VR, AR, AI, machine learning, robotics and more, the logistics industry remains largely outdated and inefficient, missing out on improvements to methodology and operations.

The main challenges that the global logistics industry faces today include:

  • Low data transparency
  • Exorbitant operating expenses
  • Untraceable delivery
  • Data vulnerability
  • Lack of trust between parties
  • Overcomplicated processes
  • Inaccurate data
  • Too many intermediaries

Blockchain solution for tracking consignments

OLWay is a logistics and supply chain ecosystem integrated with IoT platforms to make shipping more transparent.

It allows tracking shipments using data from sensors, GPS trackers, and connected devices. The data is stored on the blockchain, enabling real-time information sharing for smooth transshipment and cross-border transactions.

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RTLS is a part of the OLWay ecosystem for logistics and warehousing. Powered by IoT, the solution tracks the location of employees, vehicles, and equipment in real-time.

Through connected wearable tags, you can monitor employee presence in operational and prohibited areas, optimize warehouse and working space, and prevent accidents in the workplace (like collisions between people and vehicles).

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Blockchain-based Internet-of-Crops platform for logistics, supply chain, and IoT

Blockchain-based Internet-of-Crops platform

Centaur icon
OpenLedger implemented blockchain technology for Centaur AG’s IOT-based solution for tracking the provenance of cereal supply chains.
OpenLedger implemented blockchain technology for Centaur AG’s IOT-based solution for tracking cereals.

The solution uses IoT sensors for monitoring current temperatures, moisture, oxygen level, and other condition data of stored crops. The data from the sensors is then recorded on a blockchain, which guarantees traceability, fast processing, and secure data storage.

It uses IoT sensors to monitor current temperatures, humidity, moisture, oxygen level, and other data about crops’ condition. The data is recorded on a blockchain, which guarantees traceability, fast processing, and secure storage.

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Centaur Centaur

Pipe trading platform

A blockchain-based tool for tracking pipes’ origin and tracing their journey from mines to end customers through pipe supply chains.

Through the connected IoT devices, it authenticates each pipe consignment and provides reliable, tamper-proof information about registered cites, available pipes, pipes that are currently shipped, and detailed transaction histories on each company registered in the blockchain network.

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How we change the game with blockchain for logistics

Improving processes for logistics companies through blockchain development

The OpenLedger team is proficient at implementing blockchain solutions into various areas of the logistics industry. Typical blockchain logistics use cases include:

Transparent data

The data recorded in the distributed ledger is completely transparent. Every party concerned has access to review it, increasing trust between senders, receivers, shippers and regulating bodies.

Process automation

Once set conditions are met, there is no need for manual actions: a smart contract will automatically initiate commercial processes. By automating departure, shipment, ownership changes and other procedures, you cut expenses and simplify the entire flow.

Robust security

Records stored on a blockchain are safe from forgery, accidental loss, and unauthorized access. Decentralized data storage is secure, transparent, and easily accessible by authorized parties.

Detailed traceability

Blockchain lets you track every movement a shipped item makes: each stop, detour and manipulation is visible. This information is protected from accidental or intentional changes.

Authenticity control

Data transparency combined with detailed traceability and robust security allows your end consumers to easily make sure that the delivered goods meet specifications, such as country of origin, legitimacy, transportation conditions and more.

Collaboration on the fly

The accessibility provided by a blockchain-based system enables seamless collaboration between parties. A powerful set of workflow tools, such as electronic signatures and contact verification, is available.

How blockchain works in logistics

Smart contracts control shipment transaction flow at every stage

Logistics and warehouses are able to optimize capacity and shipments real-time

Logistics and carriers are able to provide cargo’s status and visibility to all participants

Dots How blockchain works in logistics How blockchain works in logistics
  • Certificate of origin
  • Batch Numbers
  • Processing Data
  • Barcodes
  • Shipment Dates
  • Packing List
  • Order Number
  • Batch Number
  • Production Data
  • Shipment
    Specification (DIMS)
  • Bill of Lading
  • Routing Instructions
  • Shipment Date
  • Commodity
Long-haul carrier
  • Delivery Signature
  • Temperature
  • Shipment Status
  • Routing Instructions
  • Pick Date
  • Packaging
  • Specifications
  • Packaging Barcode
Short-haul carrier
  • Receive Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Customer ID
  • Shipment Status
  • Delivery Receipt

Logistics companies that use blockchain technology:

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What you gain by introducing blockchain into your logistics processes

Today, blockchain technology is reshaping the logistics industry, and many businesses are embracing the opportunity to rebuild their processes from the ground up in an innovative and profitable way.

Now is the time to seize the advantages of early adoption and enjoy the benefits of a logistics business that effectively utilizes blockchain, such as:


Transparency in information and traceability in the supply chain mean more trust from partners and customers. What is more, the high level of confidence is mutual and brings benefits not only for your company, but for all the counterparties as well.


By automating processes with smart contracts, you significantly reduce operating costs. Additionally, a lot of operations can be performed much faster. Thus, you will be able to serve more profitable business activities than before.


Transparent, immutable ledgers enable you to demonstrate good faith, best practices and regulatory compliance, enhancing your reputation.


Collaborations with contractors, partners and regulatory bodies are made transparent and secure with blockchain; in case of disputes, complete, detailed and accurate records are available to all parties.

Peace of mind

In a blockchain-bases system, you retain ultimate control; data theft is impossible, data forgery can be easily disproved thanks to automated, immutable record-keeping.


Early adopters will see significant competitive advantages from business processes transformed by blockchain, including opportunities for enhanced services and improved margins.

Explore blockchain solutions for:

Supply chain

Supply chain

If you’re interested in the full range of blockchain solutions for supply chains, we have the experience and expertise to deliver.

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OpenLedger delivers innovative solutions combining IoT with encrypted, immutable, auditable blockchains.

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Use blockchain technology for better privacy protection, efficient data exchange, and secure patient data control in healthcare.

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Real estate

Real estate

Explore the benefits of blockchain in real estate, including data management and financial processing optimization.

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Transform your key processes and leverage the potential of blockchain in insurance industry

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Whether it's ride-sharing, manufacturing, vehicle tracking, automotive interactions, blockchain can power your business.

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Build consumer trust, improve supply chain manageability, protect against counterfeit goods with blockchain for retail.

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OpenLedger brings a team of experienced blockchain developers and creates custom solutions for education projects.

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Build trust with donors, recipients and other stakeholders, ensure that aid reaches the right people, and improve administration costs.

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Improve distribution, establish farm-to-shelf supply audits for producers and consumers, and reduce food fraud.

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Automate the execution of agreements, provide a secure and maintainable database for documents.

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