Real estate: challenges in a rapidly changing world

As the technologies continue to evolve, OpenLedger’s expertise in implementing blockchain in commercial real estate creates opportunities to grow your business by overcoming the industry’s major challenges.

Top use cases to be improved with blockchain for real estate:

  • Flawed property search process
  • Time-consuming and paper-driven due diligence
  • Complex property title management
  • Inefficient ownership transfer process
  • Demand for IoT data to support rental smart contracts
  • Lack of IoT predictive analytics to identify and address system failures before they happen
  • Absence of rich real-time data and analytics
  • Slow and expensive financing and payments processing
  • Complicated legal framework (e.g., rental contracts)
  • High title insurance and related costs

Why use blockchain for real estate improvement?

Blockchain is a powerful and promising technology with applications across all service categories in the real estate industry.

Explore the benefits of blockchain in real estate, including data management and financial processing optimization, with OpenLedger’s experienced blockchain development team.

Property management

Leverage auditability for external stakeholders and minimize bureaucracy times and costs.

Real estate listings

Facilitate connection between all parties involved and enjoy free access to information and smooth data sharing.

Home automation services

Automate service provision with smart contracts.

How blockchain works in real estate

Smart contracts simplify transaction processes in real estate, remove unnecessary middlemen, lower costs for main parties and speed up closing deals.

Blockchain in real estate delivers efficient and reliable workflows, providing transparency and visibility at all stages.

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Why use blockchain technology for real estate?

Disrupting the real estate market

Unlock the potential of blockchain real estate development with OpenLedger’s team. Eliminate existing inefficiencies, improve business processes and benefit from unique opportunities that blockchain can provide the industry.

Higher transparency

More transparent leasing, purchase and sale transaction processes reduce risk for all parties.

Blockchain technology provides data integrity, immutable record-keeping and smoother, more efficient due diligence.

Lower costs

Blockchain technology for real estate provides full transparency and control for overseeing and approving property expenses.

It also reduces the costs of accounting, compliance and property management.

Improved security and compliance

Blockchain technology allows real estate businesses to improve due diligence security and compliance.

Employ rapid digital checking of vacant titles, personal profiles, or financial and legal status.

Faster protected payments

Blockchain-enabled solutions enhance the efficiency of financing and payments systems in real estate.

Benefit from faster, lower-cost, safer and simplified processes thanks to encrypted P2P transactions.

Timely fraud detection

Blockchain provides distributed, tamper-proof and encrypted processes for the real estate industry.

Correct implementation of blockchain solutions eliminates the potential for fraudulent activity in relation to title records, and ensures the authenticity and accuracy of title information.

Simplified property management

Simplify property management processes with blockchain solutions for commercial real estate.

Manage payments, service transactions and checks via smart contracts and save efforts thanks to automated administration routines.

Legally enforceable contracts

Blockchain-powered smart contracts in real estate facilitate clearness, transparency and efficiency in lease terms management and cash flows.

Spend hours, not days or weeks, on contracts processing.

Real-time analytics

Smart decision-making is facilitated by access to verified data on payments, transactions, and digital identities of individuals, properties and organizations.

Analyze turnover rates, forecast rental patterns and oversee revenues.

Easier access to registries

Blockchain facilitates free access to multiple real estate registries.

Get trustworthy and reliable information on property location, rates, capital values, ownership history, tenant details, and title clarity.

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