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Typical supply chain industry challenges

From smaller wholesalers to global enterprise companies in product supply and distribution, every organization’s supply chain faces the same hazards and obstacles:

  • Scattered, delayed, incomplete, unreliable information available to chain members
  • Undue costs attached to inventory management and paperwork
  • Natural disasters, unforeseen shortages, demand spikes
  • Insufficient traceability of assets
  • Fraud and theft, human error, counterfeit goods, and lack of security
  • Inability to fulfill customer expectations

Why business supply chains run better on blockchains

Changing the landscape of enterprise supply chain market
OpenLedger helps you to benefit from these main blockchain opportunities to make hundreds of your supply chain operations more cost-effective:

Complete transparency

Any blockchain-stored records are simultaneously and instantly available to senders, receivers, shippers, and regulators and always will be. This level of data accessibility makes decisions and operations flow faster and easier, with diminished process complexity.

Smart contracts

Simplify and improve arrivals and departures, shipments, changes of ownership, and other operations. Reduce costs by automating procedures that previously required manual execution before.

Secure operations

Decentralized and encrypted, records on permissioned blockchains cannot be deleted, hidden or tampered with, and are safe from unauthorized access. It’s a fundamentally secure, yet adaptable peer-to-peer solution for supply chain security.

End-to-end traceability

Track each assets’ origin, properties, and movements across trade zones and borders. Identify fraud, theft, and damage, and take action to prevent failure before it happens.

Certifications & compliance

It’ s never been easier for enterprises to manage compliance, verification, and certification of goods and employees.

Seamless collaboration

Blockchain-based systems allow multiple entities and participants to effectively communicate using electronic signatures, instant document exchange, automatic contract verification and other collaboration opportunities.

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Get smoother operations and happier customers

Decentralized supply chains are impacting companies and conglomerates, markets and industries, transforming global trade activities and conditions.

Customer satisfaction

Accurately track product quality and origin. Add smoother, lower-friction inventory management. React to spikes and drops in customer demand. All better, faster and more reliably than ever before.

Fair trade

Blockchain-based tools can validate the assets’ origin, manufacturer, materials, and more. Companies reduce counterfeit goods and provably support sustainable and ethical trade, human rights, and environmental protection.


Achieve brand dominance by providing next-level service. Better workflow, transparency, and efficiency increase trust between partners and employees, as well as improving sales and revenue.

Trade flow facilitation

Streamlined processes allow you to effectively build connections across national borders, jurisdictions , and operational differences.

Competitive advantage

For newer companies, using blockchain technology for operations optimization can be key to winning out over more well-established competitors. Blockchain-based solutions to industry-wide challenges give you the edge in a crowded marketplace.

Why Work With Us

Extensive expertise

You’ll get access to the expertise both of our own blockchain products and of successfully implemented custom solutions

Extensive expertise

Cutting-edge solutions

The OpenLedger team is pioneering the frontiers of blockchain tech and employing it to drive your company’s success.

Cutting-edge solutions

Highly-skilled dev team

All our tech solutions are built by the in-house cross-functional team. The strongest blockchain specialists on the market will be working on your project

Highly-skilled dev team

Profound R&D

OpenLedger’s outstanding R&D department deeply researches unique ways of improving your products and services, so we can implement them together.

Profound R&D

We’d love to show how blockchain technology can help your supply chain business.

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