One of the U.S. elite hospitals partnered with MediBloc to develop efficient solutions for storing and sharing patients’ data. According to Coindesk, the partnership of MGH and MediBloc is part of the hospital’s recent expansion in research. In fact, other methodologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will be explored as solutions to a range of crucial industry matters, including medical image analysis and health information.

Synho Do – the director of the Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation, a business venture of MGH – hopes the technology

“provide[s] secure solutions for health information exchange, integrates healthcare AI applications into the day-to-day clinical workflow, and supports data sharing and labeling platform for machine learning model development.”

In the meantime, MediBloc continues to awe the market. The company plans to release a new app in early 2019, as the prototype is currently in trial. The goal of the app is to allow patients and health-related entities to sell and share health data. According to Medibloc’s founder, Lee, the company wants to make

“patients the medium of their own data.”