Los Angeles lawyer turned millionaire andthe owner of Blockchains L.L.C., Jeffrey Berns, is looking to change the world with the help of blockchain technology. Possessing enormous potential that goes far beyond crypto, since its introduction in 2008 blockchain has attracted a lot of bright minds over the years. For instance, famous U.S. singer and musician Akon is now working on the creation of a utopian city based on blockchain technology over in Senegal. However, Berns went further and brought the idea home, to the state of Nevada.

Blockchains L.L.C., a company with no past, has acquired a plot of land in the middle of the Nevada desert, nearby Reno. Berns’ goal is simple – to build a one-of-a-kind, innovative community solely on blockchain resources. According to the revealed plan, there will be a hundred square miles of residential area with houses, schools, commercial districts and production studios. At the border of the valley, there will also be a high-tech park where innovative research will be focused. Berns believes that blockchain technology is the one to innovate the world, returning the power back to the people from the institutions that are currently holding it.

As of this date, a total of 70 people have been hired. Mr. Berns’ old law office manager, Joanna Rodriguez, moved here with her four children and husband, and is now the manager of Blockchains office in Nevada. The aspiring millionaire is planning to build a completely new society, with 90% of any dividends going to the corporate structure he calls a “distributed collaborative entity,” which is held by residents, employees and future investors. According to Berns, as of now, he has already spent $300 million on the land, offices, planning, and a staff of 70 people.

Ironically, Berns made millions in his law practice specializing in class action lawsuits against banks and other traditional financial institutions.