San Francisco-based software giant Salesforce recently won a patent aimed at implementing a stronger anti-spam technology.

The document published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office describes how blockchain will be used in improving anti-spam platforms in the future.

With the use of blockchain, the proposed platform would verify whether emails are authentic and unaltered by comparing certain sections of emails across various servers. If any discrepancies are discovered, such emails will be marked as spam, while others will be delivered to the intended inbox.

The patent explains that with the help of the blockchain technology, systems can “better identify legitimate (wanted) messages and distinguish them from illegitimate (unsolicited) messages.”

Unfortunately, current anti-spam algorithms often fail to identify spam properly. Coming up with the blockchain solution, Salesforce might occupy this niche, helping billions of email holders to avoid spam and fraud.

Given Salesforce’s growing interest in blockchain and this new patent, it can be assumed that the company is looking for more ways to utilize this ever-growing technology. It would not be a surprise to see blockchain introduced into more of its products in the future.