Being a business leader makes one aware of the buzz surrounding blockchain technology and how it will impact a wide range of industries. With words like transformative and disruptive being tossed around maybe too often in recent decades, blockchain implementation really does offer a completely different set of solutions to various business problems than we’ve seen in the past.

With 84% of companies dabbling in blockchain solutions, the time is now for executives to start incorporating the technology. Maybe you already have done some research, but want to hear what industry experts have to say. We’ve compiled nine great interviews with blockchain experts to help you navigate this new arena.

Steve Tendon on Blockchain Solutions and Malta laws

Steve Tendon blockchain interview

Published: Lattice80’s Blog

Why you should read it: An expert in the field, Steve has been advising governments on the technology. In this interview, he gives a great explanation of blockchain along with where he sees the tech is heading.

Interview takeaways: Steve delves deep into the idea behind blockchain — not just its architecture but focusing on the social aspect of the solution as well. He touts incentives for users, such as mining, combined with the data structure and algorithm as the three legs of the blockchain infrastructure.

Vitalik Buterin on Enterprise Blockchains

Vitalik Buterin Interview

Source: Jackson Krule for Quartz

Published: Quartz Tech Blog

Why you should read it: A pioneer in the field and co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik is the architect of smart contracts and DAOs, two concepts that have allowed blockchain to progress from a bitcoin novelty to a serious enterprise solution.

Interview takeaways: In this interview, Buterin questions whether or not blockchain is a viable solution for many non-financial applications and whether or not large corporate providers such as IBM — who is pushing blockchain solutions hard right now — are missing the point by not letting those solutions remain neutral and open-source.

Changpeng Zhao on the Future of Blockchain


Published: Fortune

Why you should read it: If fintech is your business, CZ (as is his nickname) is the expert with clear insight on how best to integrate blockchain into financial markets and industries.

Interview takeaways: CZ is the founder of Binance, one of the most successful blockchain firms. Here, he gives his impressions of how blockchain can benefit financial markets, as well as creating a market of its own. From cryptocurrency exchanges to cross-border transfers and regulatory challenges, this interview touches on many aspects of blockchain and fintech.

Rachel Wolfson on Women in Blockchain

Rachel Wolfson

Published: CODE_n’s Blog

Why you should read it: Many women have been instrumental of the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, and Rachel is a recognized writer and observer in the field. She gives her state of the industry and ideas for the future.

Interview takeaways: Starting out in the industry as a writer for the likes of Forbes, Rachel quickly learned all about the technology and became a sought-after industry expert. Having researched all aspects of the ecosystem and interviewed dozens of important personalities, she has key insights into the future of blockchain.

Cheryl Foo on Blockchain for Energy Sector

Sheryl Foo interview on blockchain

Published: Solarplaza Magazine

Why you should read it: Energy is one of the key industries embracing blockchain, which in turn is helping to shape energy policy worldwide. Cheryl runs an investment firm that is focused on parlaying blockchain implementations into environmental success.

Interview takeaways: While banks have a stranglehold on the fintech industry, legacy energy companies and utilities have a centralized and often government-controlled pipeline of energy delivery. Blockchain-based energy systems can deliver decentralization to the industry to benefit consumers and reduce prices while increasing transparency and efficiency. Overall, Cheryl makes a compelling case for blockchain in the energy sector.

Sergey Bondarenko on Blockchain for Government

Published: Cryptocoin News Blog

Why you should watch it: Ukrainian based blockchain expert Bondarenko has been working with the government to set and predict blockchain policy in the nation.

Interview takeaways: Private organizations have primarily been the creators of most cryptocurrencies, but in this discussion Sergey explores the possibilities of a state-issued currency. He also looks at identity and blockchain, specifically with respect to document verification.

James Kobielus on Blockchain in Depth

blockchain expert interview

Published: SyncSort Blog

Why you should read it: James Kobielus is a veteran data analyst who has spent years researching and validating cloud computing, AI and data analytics. He’s part of Wikibon, a small research firm that shares advisory knowledge on business and technology. This is an impartial view, not from someone looking to sell a product.

Interview takeaways: In its three parts, this in-depth interview deals with the important topic of separating blockchain hype from reality.

Arvind Krishna on Blockchain Transactions

Published: YouTube

Why you should watch it: Senior VP & Director of IBM Research into blockchain also oversees the collaboration between IBM and Hyperledger.

Interview takeaways: This brief but insightful video gives a big software company’s take on blockchain and how it will influence both the financial market and other industries. A good, practical knowledge of blockchain use cases combined with a partnership with Hyperledger means Arvind brings a lot to the table.

Edward Snowden on Blockchain and Bitcoin

Published: YouTube

Why you should watch it: Edward Snowden shares his first-hand knowledge of the dangers of too much central authority and recounts the steps that led him to where he is.

Interview takeaways: Short on technology discussion but long on theory, this interview speaks to the power of decentralization and how important it will be as global governments become more advanced. A great interview to get a sense of why blockchain was invented in the first place.


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