As predicted by one of the world’s “big four” accounting firms, Deloitte, 2018 has been a year of big moves for a lot of blockchain companies. Blockchain has evolved from a mere figment of imagination in the minds of interested users, which it was just 10 years ago, to being integrated into the technologies of societal institutions.

Let’s quickly review the success of three blockchain developments within the U.S. corporate institutions and… government.


The online-retail leader has made blockchain technology available through their AWS services, easing the ability to create blockchain projects and networks by utilizing blockchain templates. The initial provided templates are mostly focused on finance and healthcare.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

This governmental institution currently aims to improve the American healthcare system with two blockchain-focused projects. For instance, the CDC has partnered up with IBM to establish a survey system that asks physicians about their patients’ prescription practices. Moreover, CDC is working with Intel to study the logistics of pharmaceutical industry using blockchain technology.


Walmart hopes to create a wearable device that allows emergency responders to view the medical files of an unconscious patient.  More specifically, this device will use an RFID scanner to generate this type of records.

And much like the past years, it will be eventful to see what the upcoming year will render in terms of new developments, ventures, and partnerships.