The Troop Support’s Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) office held a two-day presentation in Philadelphia to review the hurricane response efforts.

According to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Troop Support along with the Federal Emergency Management Agency provided roughly 88.1 million meals, 41 thousand power poles and 1,264 generators for three hurricanes in 2017. The possibility of using blockchain to further improve hurricane recovery efforts was proposed at the presentation.

CPI Management Analyst Elijah Londo said,

“We think there’s a lot of potential [in blockchain]… Where do we want to be as an organization in shaping and influencing where the [Department of Defense] goes with blockchain?”

The use of blockchain’s ledger and the ability to trace and track could be used to follow ordering and tracking information and shipments.

Construction and Equipment (C&E) Deputy Director Marko Graham said,

“This is where I can see where blockchain would have been a big help. Flowing [material specifications and tracking data] from the manufacturer buying the raw materials to…getting the transportation and getting it on the barges.”

Afterward, the Program Manager for the Department of the Treasurer’s Financial Innovation and Transformation Office, Craig Fischer, gave a presentation on what he learned from conducting a successful blockchain pilot for equipment accountability.