A group of major healthcare companies came together to form an organization called Synaptic Health Alliance, aimed at incorporating blockchain into their data management systems. This group consists of companies such as Humana, Multiplan, UnitedHealth Group’s Optum, UnitedHealthcare, Quest Diagnostics, Ascension, and CVS Health-Aetna.

The alliance hopes to solve issues such as decentralizing data storage, cutting operational costs, securing clinical information, and ensuring data privacy and safety. Ascension’s chief information officer Gerry Lewis echoed his optimism and for blockchain. According to his  interview with Modern Healthcare, Lewis stated, “blockchain [can] be further used to securely share clinical information to the parties involved in the process.”

Moreover, the testing of blockchain solutions are being implemented in healthcare systems across the world. For instance, hospitals such as Taipei Medical University Hospital and Myongji in South Korea and Taiwan are testing blockchain-based systems.

Furthermore, the application of blockchain-based solutions has transcended the traditional confinements of a hospital and entered markets such as technology and consulting. For instance, Blackberry plans to use blockchain and focus on the health industry. Meanwhile, Camelot Consulting Group – a German business – plans to enhance the management of medical data with blockchain. Additionally, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also put their foot in the door and are currently testing blockchain system to ensure food safety and prevention of the future E. coli outbreaks.