With blockchain technology branching out in every direction, it can be tough to stay informed on every path being explored. We’ve assembled a list of essential blockchain white papers to read to stay abreast of this expansion.

From global orgs to leading corporations to top consulting firms, the authors of these white papers have the expertise, resources and research to give the very best look at how blockchain is likely to shape our future.

UN Development Program – The Future is Decentralized

This 32-page white paper on blockchain comes from the United Nations Development Program, who seek to eradicate poverty and promote health and education around the world. Working in 170 countries, they focus on how blockchain can help solve some of the world’s biggest global connectivity challenges.

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum – 2018 Reports

Three fascinating reports were developed this year by the EU Blockchain Observatory, a think-tank based all throughout Europe. The recent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in the region prompted research on how blockchain fits into the picture of the important regulations.

The other reports are about blockchain for government and public service, and blockchain innovation in Europe. You get three great reports in one link, and if your company is based in or does business in Europe these are a must-read.

Blockchain Research Institute – 2018 Blockchain Regulation Roundtable

This important report on blockchain technology focuses on the challenges brought about by regulation in the age of disruptive technology solutions. Regulation has the power to rewrite how blockchain solutions are applied globally, and this 50-page blockchain white paper by the Blockchain Research Institute takes a hard look at that potential roadmap.

Deloitte – Continuous Interconnected Supply Chain

The consulting giant released this blockchain technology white paper focused on supply chain and the Internet of Things to explore how connected devices and vehicles could track and report conditions throughout a product’s journey from raw material to retail shelf.

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Deloitte – Breaking Blockchain Open

Another blockchain report from consulting firm Deloitte, this one provides results from a survey of over 1000 global executives. The blockchain report team delve deep into the results of the questionnaire they collected earlier this year, and is an excellent snapshot of how many and which industries are adopting blockchain solutions. You’ll be sure to find some insights in this data-driven report.

Coindesk – State of Blockchain 2018

One of the more graphically-driven white papers 2018 has to offer is this 170-slide power-point presentation on the state of the industry put out by the experts at Coindesk. Their news site is a go-to for the latest info, and this report is full of data and trend analysis.

JP Morgan Chase – Unlocking Economic Opportunity with Blockchain

One of the world’s largest financial organizations, JP Morgan Chase, gives us this report on blockchain and how it applies to the financial sector. They specifically target C-level executives and asset managers to describe how they can begin to take advantage of the new systems in their business practices.

PwC – Building Block(chains) for a Better Planet

Focusing on sustainability and green energy, this white paper from consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers delves into blockchain applications to help conserve energy and promote health and safety worldwide. With solutions to help with climate change, biodiversity, healthy oceans, water security, clean air and disaster preparedness, this is a complex and detailed report.

PwC – 2018 Market Survey Report for (Non-financial) Application of Blockchain in China

PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a survey focusing on blockchain applications by non-financial firms in China, and this report details the findings. Interesting insights on what top Chinese executives think about where blockchain can be most effective are the highlights of this report.

DHL – Blockchain in Logistics

One of the most narrowly-focused reports produced in 2018 was this exploration of how blockchain can be applied in logistics and shipping. Top global freight company DHL, along with consulting firm Accenture, put out the report together after exploring use cases throughout the industry.

Ripple – Blockchain in Payments Report

One of the top cryptocurrencies, Ripple, released this blockchain white paper detailing the state of payment-processing in blockchain and showing that the tipping point to wider adoption is near. The authors detail how blockchain is being used as well as how it can be applied in payment processing, for both B2B and B2C solutions.

Avasant – Blockchain Services RadarView

This innovative white paper takes a look at which blockchain service providers are giving clients the most value. This report is critical if you’re choosing a service provider, to help you see which ones are currently the most effective across many different metrics. The 60-page report is free to download.

Essential Reading for Forward-Thinking Business Leaders

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While many blockchain white papers are technical documents, we wanted to bring you more generally-focused, theoretical and solution-based reports. The chosen documents set out a roadmap for future integration of the blockchain technology. We hope you find these reports helpful in navigating the integration of this innovative solution into your business.

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