After the introduction of the blockchain technology in 2008, it has been applied to the variety of industries, including real estate, transportation, media, healthcare, online mobile voting, and others. According to the official press release, U.S. telecom giant Comcast is also putting their foot in the door, aiming to use blockchain technology for advanced TV advertising. The platform currently in the works is called Blockgraph; it will be launched to the public in 2019. Reportedly, the new blockchain initiative will provide an “identity layer” for the TV industry, with the help of which media companies would be able to share a non-identifiable audience data. The main goal of the platform is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of TV marketing and advertising.

Comcast has been developing this blockchain solution in collaboration with other major players in the field, including NBCUniversal, mass media conglomerate Viacom and advertising sales firm Spectrum Reach. According to President of Spectrum Reach David Kline, the privacy of consumers’ personal information is their top priority.

“Blockgraph’s technology offers enhanced security and privacy protections by allowing all players within the TV ecosystem to directly share insights derived from anonymized and aggregated information,” he said.

Called by some media outlets as “Worst Company in America,” Comcast has many flaws in their customer service and consumer retention policies. Being a de facto monopoly in many regions, they often pay little to no attention to resolving customers’ complaints. This eventually led to Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson filing a fraud lawsuit against the corporation, alleging that it has charged its customers more than it promised, additionally to also charging for unordered services and products. Moreover, Comcast has also failed to deliver on many of its promotional promises, including sending a $200 visa gift card to those who sign up.

Comcast has denied all allegations in its official statement issued in response to the lawsuit.