After the third year of the international scandal involving Russia’s alleged meddling with U.S. elections by creating public misconception through fake news dissemination on a wide range of major social media, including Facebook and YouTube, one company has pledged to crack down on the issue. Datametrex AI Limited has announced a successful development of a Fake News detection filter.

According to the company’s announcement, the software engine is built on the two essential technologies, AI and blockchain. Additionally, the company executives have stated that they’re also planning to integrate machine learning there, to make the filter even more powerful in time for the Canadian elections in 2019. The software is called NexaIntelligence and is aimed at automatic detection of suspicious news sources on social media.

Datametrex AI Limited states that they’re the first ones in the field to offer this kind of enterprise-grade solution, and are expecting a lot of demand from both public and private sectors as fake news issue continues to grow and impact public opinion.