The world’s oldest and biggest computer company, IBM, is particularly fond of blockchain.

Already being one of the major blockchain developers, it also announced a set of newly implemented features, including supporting third-party cloud providers, for example, AWS (Amazon Web Services).

According to IBM’s press release, the improvements were made with a purpose “to support clients as they work to accelerate solutions that rely on blockchain,” and providing everyone with an opportunity to implement their blockchain solutions anywhere – whether it’s an IBM cloud, or an Amazon cloud.

“IBM is already seeing a wide range of scenarios and use cases embrace what we are calling the power of ‘anywhere,’” wrote IBM VP of blockchain, Jerry Cuomo. “Blockchain Platform for AWS is designed to enable clients to deploy distributed peers on the AWS Cloud.”

Additionally to expanded support for cloud services, IBM has also rolled out a separate service called “Cloud Private,” which goal is to provide clients with flexible and compliant solutions adjusted in accordance with the ever-changing regulations, for example, GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation), recently imposed in the European Union.

The improvements to the blockchain development solutions are not the only thing IBM is working on. Actively pursuing development of blockchain, IBM’s VP of Blockchain, Andrew Cuomo, recently announced that the tech giant is also in the works to create a decentralized cross-blockchain registry that brings all blockchain networks together – basically, a Blockchain equivalent of “Yellow Pages.”

Additionally, IBM has already put their foot in the door of a great number of blockchain-based projects, including the mainstream ones, such as food tracking and education.