In another major blockchain development, two largest government organizations in Switzerland – county’s national postal service, Swiss Post, as well as state-owned telecoms provider, Swisscom – have united to develop a blockchain platform based on Hyperledger. According to both companies’ joint announcement, they are

“building a simple, secure and sustainable infrastructure for blockchain applications in Switzerland.”

The exclusivity and uniqueness of the new blockchain network is that all information will be securely stored and available only within Switzerland, and will be called “private blockchain.” Due to the fewer number of parties involved, there will be also much less energy required. According to the Swisscom and Swiss Post joint press release, such private blockchain structure enables

“more efficient agreement procedures as well as significantly higher security and performance.”

The platform will be based on the common infrastructure between two partner companies and is being developed on the Hyperledger Fabric2 software. The first pilot applications are scheduled to be launched in the second quarter of 2019, and will be available for other companies to use. According to the announcement, the new platform is geared towards both private companies and public authorities, whose main goal is to handle sensitive digital processes securely and effectively.

Switzerland is known to be one of the friendliest countries for the blockchain adoption and, according to the official statement from both companies, with the development of this innovative platform

“they want to enable the Swiss economy to quickly obtain a leading position when it comes to using this promising technology.”