Since its introduction in 2008, blockchain technology has been implemented in a multitude of industries worldwide, one of which is transportation. In a recent notable use case, Switzerland’s national railway company has announced a successful completion of Proof of Concept (PoC) for an ID-management system based on blockchain.

The pilot has been centered around the blockchain-based credential management system, used by the company’s workers at construction sites, with the goals to increase the efficiency of paper-based processes with an audit-proof solution. The trial run has been going from May through November of 2018. During the test, workers had to create their digital identities through a uPort app on their mobile devices, using it to sign in and out at the construction sites. In its turn, the system was able to verify workers’ presence on the sites, as well as confirm the validity of their training certificates.

The pilot run has started in the City of Zug. Following its successful completion, it’s scheduled to be implemented throughout the whole company’s area of business operations. Additionally, to ensure the public safety through verification of workers’ certifications, the pilot has also proved an increased level of security the blockchain technology provides when it comes to privacy of personal data. In this case, since workers’ information is being stored on a decentralized ledger, they remain its sole owners, instead of having just one company to store all the sensitive data.