Dublin’s startup, AID:Tech, partnered with the Irish Red Cross to promote transparency with charitable donations with the blockchain-designed app, “TraceDonate.”

The mobile app “TraceDonate” is a “peer-to-peer” donation platform. The app will allow its users to donate, view and monitor transactions and stay informed about specific charities in real time. The app gives the users the ability to know how their donations to charities are being allocated.

AID:Tech’s website states the TraceDonate app “enables retail and institutional donors to make donations to groups, appeals or individuals (peer-to-peer). Leveraging blockchain technology, the platform enables effective donor engagement in the form of real-time notifications and personalized donation history.  

AID:Tech and the Irish Red Cross are able to achieve this transparency using a shared ledger. Liam O’Dwyer, secretary general of the Irish Red Cross, told The Irish Times that “TraceDonate” is to be a “benchmark for the donation process.”

AID:Tech’s website states the start-up is an “award-winning company delivering enterprise level blockchain solutions.” Previously, AID:Tech created blockchain technology which was able to transparently and successfully provide aid to Syrian refugees.

To register for an account on TraceDonate, only an email address and phone number are needed. Donating to charities using TraceDonate doesn’t require the user to pay with cryptocurrency, the software uses Stripe, which allows users to pay with their credit/debit card.