Since its introduction in 2008, blockchain has conquered a multitude of industries with providing secure, transparent, cost and time-efficient solutions to a variety of complex tasks. One of the industries benefiting from the blockchain technology is healthcare.

According to the press release from the U.K. cancer research company Lancor Scientific, they’ve developed a device that’s able to detect multiple cancer types, as well as record screening results.

The device is backed by the blockchain technology, and similar to Google’s Lymph Node Assistant, the cancer-screening tool from Lancor Scientific provides the results with over 90% accuracy. Following the development of the tool, the Austrian government is providing the company with 5-year grants for “facilities, research equipment, access to academic expertise and clinical trials management.”

Austria is considered to be one of the most passionate blockchain supporters in the E.U. According to Austria’s minister of foreign affairs Margarete Schramböck, blockchain is “of considerable interest on a state level.”

“In addition to artificial intelligence and speech recognition, it is one of the big issues we want to highlight in the coming period of the EU Presidency,” she added.