The attractiveness of blockchain technology continues to fester amongst different institutions. Recently the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) joined the growing community of blockchain supporters. Last week, the DHS announced its funding project for blockchain-based solutions. This news was published via DHS’ unit of Science and Technology Directorate.

The project aims to avert the risks of forgery and counterfeit digital documents by offering an $800,000 grant. Reportedly, the grant will be released over the course of four phases through the Silicon Valley Innovation Program.

Moreover, according to Invest in Blockchain, the project will award eligibility to small companies with less than 200 workers. Participating companies cannot be in an active agreement that extends past 12 months or worth $1 million with the government. In addition, applicants’ intended purpose for the grant is expected to align with DHS’ mission. Reportedly, DHS’ mission target problems such as employment, travel, citizenship, supply chain security, and immigration status.