In yet another milestone accomplished for blockchain technology, Russian art gallery Tretyakov launched blockchain-based art patronage project.

The program is called “My Tretyakov” and aimed at allowing individuals or enterprises to make private donations to contribute to the digitization of an item from the gallery’s collection, and becoming the artwork’s patron.

The system is developed with the help of the business innovation collective RDI Digital, and uses blockchain technology to assign and manage the patronage structure. According to the gallery’s official statement, they’re still deciding on the amount of donation. During the process, the system randomly selects which storage unit will be digitized with the help of a particular patron, and links the name to the unit.

Furthermore, every participant of My Tretyakov will be able to pick and choose whether they want to be named every time when their art is being shown, or, on the contrary, they prefer to stay incognito. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to present art patronage as a gift. All members of My Tretyakov will be able to collect information about their art projects and share them with other members on the platform, connecting all pieces with each other and forming a giant chain.