After receiving roughly $800,000 in donations from a number of companies, including Japanese banking giant Sumitomo Mitsui and the Ethereum Foundation, the University of Tokyo announced plans to launch a course dedicated to blockchain.

Designed for students interested in becoming blockchain entrepreneurs, the course will focus on developing decentralized solutions and their social implementations. According to the official press release published by the university, the coursework will also revolve around producing blockchain-based business models.

According to the recent research study published by Coinbase, the University of Tokyo joins 42 percent of the top universities worldwide offering crypto-related courses. A multitude of prestigious schools, including Stanford, Cornell, New York University, University of Gibraltar and German Frankfurt School, have already implemented them. This addition by the University of Tokyo will have a positive outcome for students interested in pursuing their future in financial or technology markets.

The rise in schools and universities adopting blockchain classes yet again signifies a growing interest in the emerging technology on a global scale. It’s very likely that universities unable to update their curriculum to include blockchain may be left behind, experts say.