According to French news outlet, Les Echos, at least two members of the French parliament expressed concerns related to the current state of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the country. Jean-Michel Mis who co-authored a report with MP Laure de La Raudiere stated,

“2018 was the year zero of the popularization of blockchain in France. The year 2019 must be that of the emergence of this ecosystem.”

By pumping nearly $570 million into the blockchain sector by 2020, Mis believes France can reinvent itself as a “blockchain nation.”

By funding and launching projects in conjunction with blockchain companies, according to Mis, France can re-establish itself as a prominent force in the blockchain sector. The MP also acknowledged the lack of cryptocurrency miners in France, stating,

“We should have our own mining farms.”

In order to achieve his goals, Mis proposed plans to lower electricity bills for mining companies so that they may be able to expand.

President Emmanuel Macron expressed the country’s interest in future technologies this year after he announced plans to make France the leading country for artificial intelligence. Although not nearly as financed as Macron’s, this new proposal by Mis and Raudiere signifies France’s plans to become a future leader in the blockchain technology sector, too.