Blockchain giant Hyperledger announced this week that 16 new companies have joined their ranks, raising their membership number above 260. Brian Behlendorf, The Executive Director of Hyperledger, commented on the induction, saying,

“The latest members showcase the widening interest in and impact of DLT (distributed ledger technology) and Hyperledger.”

At their Switzerland-based Hyperledger Global Forum, the company announced the introduction of Alibaba Cloud, Deutsche Telekom, Citigroup and a variety of other companies into their consortium. John Calian, Senior Vice president of Deutsche Telekom, said Hyperledger was “a natural choice” when developing an application on Hyperledger’s Fabric framework.

Hyperledger, founded in 2015 by the Linux Foundation, is a project focused on developing collaboration across industries through the advancement of blockchain technologies. They offer a variety of blockchain frameworks and tools. Its members include notable companies such as American Express, IBM, J.P. Morgan and a wide list of others utilizing Hyperledger frameworks to streamline their business needs.