has identified OpenLedger as one of the top blockchain companies from around the globe.

As of now, we occupy the 11th place in the list of 1200+ top blockchain companies. For us, it is a great pleasure and a great honor to receive such recognition from the well-known independent global research firm.

Since 2014, OpenLedger has been putting a strong focus on blockchain technology, delivering DLT-based solutions for multiple industries and verticals. We work with our clients from the first fundraising and throughout project implementation, promptly adjusting their needs to ever-changing market demands.

One of our clients, a Director of Business Development at a Fortune 500 software development company who wished to remain anonymous, left the following note:

OpenLedger is truly capable of developing and delivering complex blockchain-based software […]. Its responsiveness and ability to produce implementable, on-time deliverables are the hallmarks of their work.

We should point out that this reward (we are inclined to put it this way) would not be possible without long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships and the diligent work of OpenLedger’s closely-knit team of established industry experts.

Thanks for the appreciation!