The Blockchain Institute’s collection of blockchain research is now available to the public for free. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Blockchain Institute is a multi-million dollar research program composed of more than 70 research projects focused on the potential applications for blockchain.

Thanks to the efforts of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the Unify Project and JumpStart, nonprofits and companies with a net worth less than $1 billion can register for the program here.

Ohio is one of the most progressive U.S. states when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency. This year they became the first to accept bitcoin for business taxes. As part of the initiative to make Cleveland the leader in blockchain adoption in the U.S., Ohio car mogul Bernie Moreno created an initiative called Blockland, based in Cleveland. It is through their partnership with the Unify Project, JumpStart, and the Greater Cleveland Partnership that these new research findings are now available.

Founder and CEO of Ecosystems of Innovation, Andrew Tasker, is one of the many taking advantage of the free research. As he stated in his interview with, the information has been so valuable that he would’ve been more than willing to pay.