The more blockchain for business conquers the world, the more sources of information about this technology appear in the media field. To help you navigate through it, we collected the list of the best blockchain blogs out there.

These particular ones are, to our mind, the most helpful if you’re holding an executive position in a company, or if you’re are an entrepreneur, founder, or business owner yourself.

Bits on Blocks

Bits on Blocks - best blockchain blogs

Started by author and blockchain researcher Antony Lewis, this blog features a great introductory tutorial that will help you gain an understanding of what blockchain is and why it’s so powerful. While Antony is based in Singapore, his topics do center on Asia, but that is where much of these technologies are being perfected and implemented. Posts are a bit less frequent, but more in-depth and informative, so readers might want to check some of his previous articles as well.

Breaker Magazine

Breaker Magazine - best blockchain blogs

Owned by blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV, this digital magazine brings together a diverse group of opinions from several different industry experts, focusing on independent opinion on a wide variety of topics connected with blockchain. These offer out-of-the-box perspectives and are quite entertaining to learn from.

Blockchain at Berkeley

Blockchain at Berkeley - best blockchain blogs for executives

This resource is run as a non-profit think tank out of Berkeley University, so you can expect high-quality, thoughtful, and independent content from this resource. While there may be less articles than on some of the other blogs, each one is a rich and well-researched deep-dive into a particular topic. Authors include faculty as well as industry experts. Dig in here if you really want to gain a thorough understanding of any of the subjects presented there.

Chain Letter – MIT Technology Review

Sign up for this twice-weekly email-only newsletter that covers everything blockchain from the faculty and experts at the MIT Technology Review. You will find these updates to be extremely dense with information and insight into the cutting-edge ways blockchain can be applied. Also, expect thoughtful analysis of the ethos surrounding blockchain implementations, including possible pitfalls. Although not a blog in its conventional sense, this is a not-to-miss information source on the topic.

Blockchain Pulse – IBM

One of the industry giants is undoubtedly IBM, and their internal blog Blockchain Unleashed is not only focused on their corporate initiatives. While it’s a great place to learn about what they are working on and who they are working with, it also covers the industry at large. You can expect highly in-depth and extremely technical breakdowns of the inner workings of some of the most advanced blockchain applications. Maybe not for a beginner, but certainly high-quality content.

Blockchain Section at Hackernoon

This blog utilizes a wide range of expert contributors as opposed to just one or two. With a selection of well-written stories on every single corner of the blockchain ecosystem, one of the strengths of this platform is the breadth of topics it can cover and the high frequency of posts. You’ll always learn something new, and you can spend hours looking through the archive.

Blockchain and the Law

This blog assembles a team of legal experts in the field of blockchain to give you detailed analysis of how laws are affecting the marketplace, and how things are changing. Legal or regulatory changes can make or break a particular product, so knowing what’s around the corner from a legal standpoint will give you a leg up on your competition, whether you’re simply trading cryptocurrency or developing your own blockchain-based company or application.

Cisco Blockchain Blog

One of the industry leaders providing blockchain solutions to companies is Cisco, and they provide great content as well. Primarily a marketing arm of their company, this blog is enticing in that you can use it to learn about their partners, projects and integrations. It’s a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of the more corporate side of blockchain implementation.


Healthcare is an important segment for blockchain application, leveraging the security, transparency and speed of access to critical information that are the strengths of the new technology. This resource gathers together news and information from all around the world, from startups, news media and industry organizations. It’s an excellent way to stay up to date on the state of blockchain in healthcare.