Hi all!

We keep on improving BitShareScan to make it even more feature-rich. We have recently added the Voting section to the site to provide you with the latest information on the BitShares voting.

voting section

There are four tables displayed by default on the Voting page: Top Voters, Workers, Committee, and Witnesses. They all are updated on an hourly basis, to ensure that you get the most relevant information about the blockchain.

top voters table

Top BitShares Voters are displayed in the new section, and their voting weight (in % to other top voters) is indicated in the ‘Voting stake weight’ column.

This table has one more section (‘Non-voting accounts’) that is hidden by default. To enable this section, check the ‘Show non-voting accounts’ box at the top of the page.

Voting Matrices

‘Workers’, ‘Committee’, and ‘Witnesses’ matrices provide the latest information on BitShares’ workers, committee members and candidates, and witnesses.


To see a voting stake weight of the account, hover the cursor over a cell in a voting matrix.

That’s Not All

This is a 1.0 beta release, which is a more stable version of the BitShares blockchain explorer. New updates will be released soon!

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