We’re excited to announce that OpenLedger tech partner Aetsoft acquired 50% of DiscreteMind shares.

DiscreteMind is a blockchain development company based in Minsk, Belarus. It was founded in 2016 and provides expertise in blockchain-based projects, IoT, and Machine Learning.

Apart from helping businesses with custom solutions, the company has developed two products: telegraff.io, a blockchain-based communication protocol, and dybit.io, a blockchain-based payment platform.

OpenLedger is working with Aetsoft every day to ensure that we provide our clients, users, and partners with extensive skills and experience to deliver quality blockchain-based products and business-effective solutions.

With this acquisition, Aetsoft is now able to engage more blockchain specialists in its tasks and challenges. What is more, together with Aetsoft, OpenLedger will power up its R&D expertise, get access to resources for rapid projects delivery, and expand its overall blockchain-for-business background and record.

OpenLedger team congratulates Aetsoft with the successful business agreement and looks forward to respective companies’ collaboration and growth.