One of the effective ways to stay ahead of the curve on upcoming trends in the blockchain ecosystem is to follow industry leaders on YouTube. It can be daunting to slog through the search results to find the best content, so we assembled the ten best blockchain YouTube channels for you to subscribe to.

These blockchain YouTube channels provide current expert commentary, education, news and predictions for the future of the industry. From interviews with influential executives to the latest blockchain applications and regulatory changes, there’s a wide range of topics for you to discover.

We’ll share a little of what you can expect from each as well, to help you pick blockchain YouTube content you’ll want to follow.

IBM Blockchain

Subscribers: 15,256
Content: created by IBM’s in-house blockchain development team
Host: Various hosts and formats
Post frequency: At least once a week, sometimes more
Video length: Varies from 3-minute vignettes to 1-hour interviews or tutorials

This channel is put out by the largest company doing blockchain development, and contains everything from marketing-style infomercials to classroom sessions and roundtable discussions. Lots of use-case descriptions for their various solutions are great ways to understand how blockchain can be used for different applications.

IBM has made a big push to be at the forefront of blockchain development, with over 1,500 employees dedicated to the new discipline and over 500 active software development projects.

Block Geeks

Subscribers: 9,206
Content: Original
Host: Variety of contributors
Post frequency: Several per week
Video length: From 3-minute intros to 30-minute live coding demos

This YouTube blockchain technology series puts out everything from quick introductions to concepts, which is great for blockchain beginners, but also live coding demos to show how some of the tech and systems work. There’s also a monthly recap that goes over industry news, trends and hot topics.

Blockchain at Berkeley

Subscribers: 9,333
Content: Educational resources
Host: Various professors and school collaborators
Post frequency: Several per month
Video length: From 10-minute workshops to 2-hour classroom lectures

A rare look inside the classroom, this channel gives you access to lectures and classwork at Berkeley University’s blockchain program. You can sit in on full classes and view industry use-case workshops.

The students at this program are learning real-world dilemmas and challenges that the blockchain industry will face in the future, being taught by industry thought leaders and experts.

Blockchain WTF

Subscribers: 1,739
Content: Original
Host: Various expert contributors
Post frequency: Several per week
Video length: From 3-5-minute vignettes to 1.5-hour deep dives

This blockchain channel is packed with great content that will help you learn concepts, navigate the industry and learn about both established and up-and-coming companies. Billed as an educational resource, there are lots of videos that teach basic concepts about blockchain technology.

The content is also broken into several sub-categories, including interviews with some of the industry’s leading personalities to cases studies on how blockchain can integrate with a wide range of specific industries.

Blockchain Central

Subscribers: 1,175
Content: Produced by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Host: Hip-Hop artist The Blu Mantic
Post frequency: Twice a week
Video length: Average of 5 minutes

The series produced by the university’s blockchain school and research center provides informative, engaging videos which do a great job of distilling complex concepts down to understandable language. Mostly short explanations of one specific concept or company, this is a great resource when you don’t have a lot of time to watch long videos. This is also a great resource for blockchain beginners.


Subscribers: 19,760
Content: Original
Host: Brad Laurie
Post frequency: Average 6-8 per month
Video length: Average 1 hour

Created by blockchain and cryptocurrency expert and enthusiast, Brad Laurie, this blockchain technology YouTube resource does in-depth coverage of specific topics in each one-hour episode. Brad picks a topic or company, and really digs in to get to the bottom of the topic.

For potential investors, his shows that focus on specific companies are a valuable resource as he interviews the company leadership to vet whether or not they have a solid product and the talent to bring it to market.

Blockchain Research Institute

Subscribers: Unpublished
Content: BRI think-tank
Host: Various
Post frequency: Random
Video length: Average 20 minutes

This industry think-tank is a research organization that is well-funded and working hard to shape and predict the future of the blockchain ecosystem. Insightful content is pulled from various resources and presented on their channel in different playlists. From the educational ‘Blockchain 101’ playlist to interviews with business leaders to industry use-cases, you’ll find lots of great content here.

Beyond Blocks

Subscribers: 393
Content: Generated at their global blockchain summits
Host: Various
Post frequency: Several per month, clustered more around the summits
Video length: From 5-minute interviews to 1-hour plus symposiums and panel discussions

Run by the global blockchain summit organizer of the same name, the content here is a great look inside all the panel discussions and round-tables held at the conferences. If you can’t make the conferences, this is a great way to still be involved and learn from the thought leaders in attendance. With a low number of subscribers, it’s clear not enough people are taking advantage of this great resource.

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

Subscribers: 245
Content: EU Commission think-tank
Host: Various
Post frequency: Average 1 per week
Video length: Between 1 and 2 hours

A consortium and think-tank created by the EU Commission, this is an organization that will be looking at forming regulations for the industry. The talks posted on the channel are about high-level concepts and discussed by top-level executives, developers and regulators. Not very exciting, but very important if you follow blockchain regulation.

Blockchain Workshops

Subscribers: 1,090
Content: Blockchain workshops
Host: Various
Post frequency: Older content
Video length: From 30 to 60 minutes

These older videos from blockchain workshops are time capsules showing how the industry has developed. It can be fairly dry content, but there are true thought leaders and industry drivers, and you can hear what they were thinking as they were pioneering the industry. The channel hasn’t posted any new content in a while, but it’s worth going back and searching their archive, especially if you’re researching a particular executive and want to hear what they were saying a few years ago.

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These YouTube channels will keep you busy for hours learning about and becoming an expert in every facet of the blockchain industry. Pick your favorites, and sign up to get updates when they post new content. In such a fast-moving environment, the right resources can really help keep you in the loop.

The video format allows for much more interactive demonstrations through graphics and animations, as well as letting you get a feel of who some of the business leaders are by seeing them speak. There are lots of places to get information about blockchain, but video should be in your regular rotation.