HTC’s Exodus 1 was due to be shown at an event in China this past weekend, but unfortunately was a no-show, which came as a concern to many, since the phone is scheduled to be released next month.

On their website, HTC states that with the Exodus 1 HTC is “building a foundation of trust and security.” The device functions as both phone and crypto wallet. It has dual front and rear facing cameras, a six-inch 18:9 ratio display, and a slick black design. However, despite the good looks, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and HTC is keeping consumers in the dark.

While we’ve only been shown the hardware of the phone, many are eager to get their hands on the software. As stated earlier, the phone is due to ship as soon as next month and many are concerned by HTC’s hesitance to reveal more. Early access became available in October, with units due to be shipped out in December. The phone goes for .15btc which converts to around $700, however, this price can change slightly due to the volatility of bitcoin and ethereum markets.

While HTC isn’t the only company releasing a device utilizing blockchain, it is just one of the few entering the market. Once released, based on sales and utilization, it’ll be interesting to see if other companies will follow the suit.