IBM has filed a new blockchain patent aiming to resolve issues currently present in augmented reality (AR) gaming experience.

The incredibly high popularity of an AR game Pokemon Go in 2016 has shown a huge potential for AR games, but also an enormous set of disadvantages that goes along with it. For instance, in search for a pokemon, users often disrupted and disturbed the environment, when the game drove them to ‘inappropriate’ areas – for example, drug clinics, memorials or private homes. Moreover, from time to time users themselves were driven into the areas of potential danger, including high-crime neighborhoods, or areas with hazardous conditions.

Blockchain database of geolocations to be supplied by IBM is set to help in avoiding potentially dangerous locations. Provided through distributed ledger technologies, these databases contain records stored on multiple systems, which makes it difficult to falsify them.

Additionally to helping to avoid potentially dangerous areas, the application could be also used to further establish whether or not any given area is safe, which could potentially move the patented technology much further than simply being used in AR gaming, experts say.

IBM is not the only tech giant trying to explore the full potential of the blockchain technology. Last month, Sony announced their work on a blockchain technology aimed to protect the intellectual copyright of content creators, including ebooks, music, films and virtual software.