After OpenLedger’s outstanding performance at DFA Cohort 6 and the successful accomplishment of the proof-of-concept project, we are glad to announce the partnership with Etisalat, the world’s largest telecom provider and internet operator in United Arab Emirates!

Driven by extensive experience and proven track record of blockchain tools and services, our specialists designed and implemented a solution for the Dubai office of one of the world’s largest logistics and delivery provider.

We developed the best-in-class blockchain platform coupled with IoT devices. The system performs indoor tracking of employees in real-time to maximize the efficiency of every single manufacturing unit. As a result of this venture, we were recognized as the official Etisalat’s partner.

This partnership opens new horizons and rich opportunities for us, including new collaborations in the Middle East region with blockchain implementations across multiple industries and verticals.

Stay tuned for updates, as we have more great news to come!