In a newest core trial of blockchain, global renewable energy company ACCIONA Energía is deploying blockchain to trace the generation of the renewable electricity. This trial is notable to the whole blockchain industry, since ACCIONA Energía is considered one of the largest renewable energy developers in the world.

Through a partnership with one of the Barcelona-based blockchain startups, FlexiDAO, which is focused on providing software tools to electric power companies, ACCIONA plans to check the provenance of electricity distribution. The entire project started with building of the commercial demonstrator that tracks the supply chain of the renewable energy coming from the five wind and hydro facilities in Spain, along with the four corporate energy companies in Portugal.

According to Belén Linares, Director of Innovation of ACCIONA Energía, blockchain technology can facilitate tracing of the renewable origin of energy considerably to clients on a global scale, anywhere in the world. As part of the new pilot, the corporation is looking to explore and develop its coverage primarily to the new areas, including those that did not have a consolidated renewable energy system up until now.