Microsoft has announced its partnership with Nasdaq in integration of its Azure Blockchain services into the Nasdaq Financial Framework.

The integration will provide software for traders to allow exchanges and clearinghouses to interact with each other. Among other improvements there will also be an easier match of buyers and sellers, managing the delivery, payments and settlement of transactions.

According to the statement from Nasdaq, after the integration is complete, they’re also planning to offer customers the ability to use different Blockchains through one common interface. This would help to ease and accelerate Blockchain use and let customers choose the option that fits them best in different situations.

The partnership with Microsoft helps Nasdaq to remove some of the complexities of integrating Blockchain technology into existing infrastructures, said Tom Fay, SVP of Enterprise Architecture at Nasdaq. The integration of Azure framework will provide Nasdaq platform with a layer of abstraction, making it “ledger-agnostic, secure, and highly scalable.”

Nasdaq is also exploring Blockchain potential on their own, building a much broader range of customer uses. For instance, recently they released a patent, which makes reference to “an information computer system provided for securely releasing time-sensitive information to recipients via a Blockchain.” The company is reportedly building an innovative tool it’s going to implement in order to ease releasing timely information to the media, while staying compliant in terms of security from the legal standpoint.

Additionally, Nasdaq is working on stepping their foot into the cryptocurrency market as well. According to Bill Dague, Nasdaq’s Head of Alternative Data, they’re exploring the possibility of adding crypto datasets to their market analytics tool.